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Del Curto kitchen

A Del Curto kitchen comes from the heart. It comes from the heart of the wood, a natural and living material. Solid wood, pure, a material with the indisputable qualities of elegance, robustness and long life.
It comes from the heart of the artisan tradition which, together with the most up-to-date production technologies, allows the material to be processed with great ease and mastery, whilst paying particular attention to the smallest detail.
It comes from the heart of the family. Most importantly, the Del Curto family, who for more than 40 years have been working with great passion in this sector, who with hard work and determination continue to uphold the deeply-felt and worthy values of respect for the environment and humans.
It also comes from the heart of every family, because it is planned and built to measure, listening to and studying the needs and requests of the clients.

Fusion collection

Cucine moderne

Country collection

country 300

Classic collection

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