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Custom made

Our company’s employees are people for whom the first rule is to listen to the client and seek to understand their needsas far as possible, even the needs which are not made explicit, to be able to plan and propose the best solutions for them and their home. A Del Curto kitchen in fact doesn’t want to be purely functional, but is suggested as a furnishing element which helps you to live in harmony with your own home.
We only use solid wood, respecting its nature as a living material, and enhancing its characteristics and qualities. This means, for example, using work and finishing techniques which bring out the peculiarities of the wood and also supplying clients with the tools to protect their furniture and enhance them over time (maintenance kit).
Aware of the unquestioned quality which only a piece of furniture made of entirely solid wood can guarantee, and as a sign of the total trust and transparency of our working methods, we offer a 5-year warranty on the perfect functioning of our products.

Every individual kitchen is a new project for us which requires attentive study in order to achieve the best results for our clients. The project takes on form starting with the analysis of client needs, carefully studying the spaces and proposing solutions which best combine design and functionality, always keeping our high standards of quality in mind.

We take care of every detail, even those you can’t see. Therefore, we create every wooden component ourselves and add our logo as a sign of its quality.

The craftsmanship and the manual skills are essential in our production process, because they make every detail painstakingly perfect even those that the modern technologies still do not control. The added value of our works is reflected in the originality and exclusivity of each product, which cannot be replicated in a perfectly identical way. Every single composition we create is preassembled and controlled in our workroom, both before
and after varnishing.