Master wood craftsmen


We are master wood craftsmen, creators of high end quality kitchens and furnishings. Our creations combine the precision of bespoke, custom-made products with the warmth and beauty of wood and natural materials.

Our passion is dedicated to all beautiful things, manufactured according to tradition, but always designed and developed with an open mind and innovative spirit. We realize furniture made to last, able to meet and fully satisfy the wishes of our customers. We face new challenges aiming to combine design and functionality. Our heart beats to the rhythm of nature, in tune with the vibrations of wood but always remembering the importance of innovation, with which our furniture and kitchens become unique works to enjoy to live in.

At the service
of those who
love furniture

Improving the quality of life of our customers has become our daily commitment. Creativity and quality, in their highest expression, on a human scale and with respect for the environment. To all this we have been able to add organization, efficiency, optimization of time and resources.


Our history

The Company Del Curto was founded in 1968 in a small workshop in Chiavenna, in the heart of the Italian Alps. Here the hands and the ideas of the first Del Curto craftsman give life to the long tradition of cabinetmaking of a borderland, made of Alpine wisdom and different cultural cross-pollination. This path has been pursued with tenacity and passion by the Del Curto family for three generations. Fathers, sons and grandchildren have chosen to transform a simple profession into a future-oriented mission that now courageously faces the challenges of contemporary life, launching itself into an increasingly demanding and changing market.


Not only Italy

In 2003 we opened a new production site in Gordona that allowed us to start a process of internationalization, which brought our products across our national border. The research for quality and our attention to detail, along with the use of cutting-edge technologies has allowed us to make ourselves known and appreciated even across the national borders developing and realizing several important projects in many cities such as

New York
Los Angeles
North Italy

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